Pronouncing “Louis”

Louis Armstrong

My genius friend and jazz scholar, among other things, Michael Steinman, first taught me that “Louie” was a publicly-assigned nickname and that the legend actually went by LouiS.  I’m guessing scholars will catch up.

And now Mr. Steinman has a blog by which he will inform us all of the happenings in New York City’s jazz world, along with those of a few other locales when he travels.  Please visit Jazz Lives if you’ve ever cared for the world of jazz.


3 responses to “Pronouncing “Louis”

  1. Well Hello Dolly,

    This is me LouiSSS

  2. I’m surprised that you weren’t aware that his name was Louis. I guess growing up in New Orleans and being the daughter of a jazz musician helped to enlighten me of that fact at a very early age.

  3. this guy right her was the best trumpet player .. he been on this earth from august 4, 1901, to july 6, 1971……

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