Dear Muchachas

This Louis Armstrong video sent by my good friend and jazz critic, author & editor, Frank O’Connor scholar, Michael Steinman, with the following comment, “This is ‘I Get Ideas,’ inspiring proof of how Louis could turn lead into gold, or make bricks without straw — you pick your literary metaphor. He BELIEVED in what he sang and played, which was the transforming force. We are honored to have lived within his aura.”

My limited jazz (& blues) knowledge has profited greatly since our friendship began five years ago – thanks mucho, muchacho!

One Response to “Dear Muchachas”

  1. Timothy Caldwell Says:
    July 3rd, 2007 at 3:23 am eLouis Armstrong and the Dalai Lama share the ability to imbue the mundane with pure joy. One of my secret dreams is to meet Louis, to have him shake my hand and to bask in that smile of his. He’s what happiness looks like.

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