Can This Blog Falter?


I suppose if you come with certain expectations, yes. But do you? I never really know why I come here. At least, overall. Blogs are very much public diaries — the rules don’t apply really. It’s a take-or-leave-it situation, no? Why visit? I mostly go to blogs to find out the happenings of other poets and artists. Sometimes I go for the news or political commentary, but mostly I go for blogs of a personal variety. I suppose I’m nosey.

So two notes for the day. I should be grading numerous essays. Instead, I haven’t been feeling so well as of late, so I watched the best film of the Batman series: “Batman Begins.” Get it if you’re home-bound or just looking for a decent adventure flick. It’s the smartest from the lot.

Toot toot (that’s my own horn) again because baby makes two (I think this change in number — instead of “Baby makes three” — is apropos of our current state of affairs): my poem, “Cynthia McKinney Cast the Lone Dissenting Vote,” was just nominated for a Pushcart Prize along with Matthew Zapruder’s “Automated Regret Machine” from the journal, Order and Decorum. I feel like I hit the lottery.

See this post for the first baby (or lottery hit). Th-tha-that’s all folks!


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